Tilly W2017065

  • Tilly

Jack Russell Terrier | Female |  8 years old | On hold

A Year in the Life…

The 21st December 2017. That was when little terrier Tilly first came into our care. Three hundred and ninety one days and counting. A remarkable length of time. For much of this period she was unavailable for adoption due to her being part of a – now concluded – RSPCA investigation due to concerns over her welfare, but that’s been resolved for some time now, yet still she waits. All she knows are our walls and our routines. Let’s change that and find her a forever home.

Tilly is eight years old and hasn’t had the easiest of lives up until coming into our care, and that’s putting it politely, but she is every inch a sweetheart. She is very people-oriented and keen for fussing and for treats. She walks well on lead, she’s gentle in nature, and loves to play with her toys – the squeakier the better! All of which makes it all the more baffling that she has yet to be picked. She will, however, need quite an active home to account for her energy, her sharp-minded curiosity and natural inquisitiveness.

Having been here for so, so long, what must run through Tilly’s mind when the night draws in? What are her hopes and dreams for the future? Of bounding through green fields and laying before gentle, warming fires? Of sitting on sofas and in laps? Of freedom? Does she think of these things, or even know they exist? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

But, if she does, at what point does the hope wither? At what point must the future appear to offer nothing beyond this ever-returning present? The same sights and smells and sounds and stresses. A year must feel a long time for such a little dog. Let us change this.

Tilly would be best placed in a home with children aged 13 and upwards, and as the only pet in the home. She would also benefit from basic training to account for her rather unorthodox life up to this point. She’s a special lady who is very much worth your time and your love.

If you are interested in Tilly we urge you to give us a call on 01246 273358. She’s more than paid her dues.

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