Roxy D2018142

Staffordshire Bull Terrier | Female | 10 years & 4 months old | Available

Roxy, A Special Appeal…

Staffies don’t change. Not really. They don’t mature or transform in any great way, they don’t grow up. They are, wonderfully and gloriously, puppies for life. Their bones might creak that little bit more and their snouts may shine with a little more silver, but their hearts beat with the same burning energy as they did on day one. Staffies don’t change. Not really.

Roxy is ten-and-a-half and slower than she once was. She potters more than she bounds these days. But you let her off lead and you can see her younger self shine through, that giddy series of hops, that joyful rolling in the dirt. She’s aged but she hasn’t changed. Roxy is a delight to work with – charming, polite, good on lead, knows her commands – but she also has that twinkle in her eye, a twinkle that’s been with her since she first entered this world. You will love her.

She loves being around people, being with them, to the point of pressing herself into you so that she can receive every single bit of contact that she can. Her favourite thing in the world is fuss and attention. And treats, definitely treats. Oh, and napping. She does love a good snooze.

Roxy would best suit a home with children of secondary school age and one where she will be the only dog. She is house trained. She is a great girl, a truly great girl. The owner who picks her should consider themselves unfathomably lucky. She is everything we love about Staffies, whilst also being ever-so-special in her own right. Please give her a chance.

Roxy is one of our longest-term residents – not just dogs, but animals full-stop – and is really deserving of a fantastic new home. If you are interested in her please give us a call on 01246 273358, we’d love to share her brilliance with you.

Please come and make her day a special one.

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