Ronnie, a Tribute…

//Ronnie, a Tribute…
  • Ronnie

This post is a sombre one. Ronnie, a cat who was adopted from us some four years ago, has sadly passed away at the grand old age of nineteen. We wish to pay tribute, in some small way, to Ronnie. To this marvellous, this delightful, this glorious old boy. To his shining eyes and his boundless spirit. A boy for whom each passing year just made him more handsome and more dignified. More special.

Ronnie – fifteen at the time – was a joy and a pleasure to work with, a smile-stirringly, eye-wateringly terrific lad. But our words and testimony are as nothing compared to those of his owner, and we wish to share their truly heartfelt tribute:

“Whilst Ronnie was 15 when I got him, he brought so much joy and life into our house and our lives. He was so fussy and demanding and wound us around his little claw. We became willing servants to his every need. He enjoyed his food, his cat milk, sitting on our knees, his warm bed, the sunshine and most of all sitting in front of a warm fire. I miss him lots but I know that he had a good life with us. I shall never know how he came to be with you at the ripe old age of 15, but I loved having Ronnie with me and I treasure my memories of my wonderful old boy.”

We couldn’t have wished for a happier place in which he could enjoy and wile away the years. The happiest of his life, we have no doubts. Our warmest thanks and deepest condolences go out to his family.

Whilst on the topic of older animals who pass through our care, we also would like to take this opportunity to push the cases of our older residents. Those dogs, cats, rabbits, and more, whose advancing years might see potential adoptees looking elsewhere. Please don’t look past them. Look at Ronnie who gave and received so much love through his final few years.

There’s only one Ronnie but there are many wonderful older animals who we hope can enjoy similarly special homes. Please give them a chance. Give them hope.