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21 May 2016|Happy endings|

We thought you might like to hear about Ice’s new career. Since he adopted us as his family in January 2016, he has started to be a prominent part of our efforts at raising funds […]


20 May 2016|Happy endings|

We took Rosie home with us on 12th January. She was initially very nervous, wasn’t really housetrained and didn’t like going in the car. 4 months later and what a difference, she is now house […]


11 March 2016|Happy endings|

Mikey was brought into our care by an RSPCA Inspector in April of 2015 and looked very different to the relaxed, cozy and content dog you see in these photos. He spent 8 long months […]


11 March 2016|Happy endings|

Charlie is the 8 year old blind male Weimaraner who was placed in the RSPCA in Chesterfield after his owner passed away. My husband, Richard and I had been looking to adopt an older Weim […]


11 March 2016|Happy endings|

Millie came into us at 8-weeks-old with a broken leg, but with a spirit that couldn’t be dampened – she never once let her leg bother her. In the months since, she has now found […]


11 March 2016|Happy endings|

We just wanted to send a couple of pictures so you could see how Zena has been settling into her new life. She was always a lovely girl and she was with you guys for […]