As seen in the Derbyshire Times…

//As seen in the Derbyshire Times…
  • Oscar

You might’ve read in the Derbyshire Times this past week about a 9 week old Staffy-X puppy called Oscar, whose gorgeous face and shining eyes belie a difficult past. He was found by refuse collectors tied amongst some bins. He was rubbish. Worthless. This baby boy, who has brightened the lives of everyone he has met whilst in our care, was abandoned. Thankfully things have changed massively for our favourite little lad and we wish to give you a bit of an update about how he’s doing, how his life is going, and how much brighter the future looks for him!

After what he’s been through, it goes without saying that Oscar (named after the Sesame Street character) is a strong and special puppy. But it’s difficult to articulate just what a delight and a pleasure it is to be with him, and the extent to which he makes us smile each day. A few nights ago I was lucky enough to spend the evening in his company and I just wish to give you a hint of the warmth that Oscar brings to all those around him.

For the first few hours he took great pleasure in chasing between rooms, barking at his reflection in the mirror, carrying his favourite toys to and fro, wrestling and rolling and enjoying tickles and cuddles and play. As night drew in, though, he nestled himself into the hood of the sleeping bag lain on the bed, curled, fast asleep. My arm shaped around him. This tiny pup, tinier still.

Though he might be small in form, his spirit is mighty. Your heart becomes wholly his. As he slept, it was as though there was nothing of value in this world beyond those four, little paws and warm, autumnal eyes. That tiny, thrumming heartbeat and the gentle rhythm of his snoring. Out of the tall window above the bed, the sky was specked with stars that watched over him, and him alone. The moon climbed the night just to bless this bundle, this life, sleeping so peacefully.

Yes, he’s special alright.

Seeing this, experiencing this, makes it all the harder to dwell too much on his past. The thought of this littlest soul sat in the shuddering cold, tethered to a bin, echoes through your gut and shakes you. Haunts you. But we must look beyond this. Not dwell on it. Focus, instead, upon the happiness ahead and that which, we hope, he has already experienced while he’s been with us. The past is another country, as they say. Oscar’s past might’ve been shaped by trauma but his future will be made of sheer, unadulterated happiness. We know it. He touched everyone’s hearts here at the Centre and we were pleased to see him leave this week to start his new life with his new family. We send him all our love and sure he will give many years of love and happiness to his new family.