Cats, Cats, Glorious Cats…

//Cats, Cats, Glorious Cats…

We are inundated at the minute with a cavalcade of cats, a multiplicity of moggies. But no matter how many there are, our cats are dazzling in their diversity. Like snowflakes, none two are the same. From the young to the old, the big to the small, long-coated to short-furred, sit-on-your-knee types to the playful types to the more independent types. Whatever you are looking for in a feline, we can almost guarantee we’ll have a most purr-fect match.

How about our long-termers like Silk or Molly? Tiny Silk with her deceptive toughness and autonomous nature, her mood as variable as the wild seas. But all the more fascinating and characterful for it. Or ol’ Molly with her profound and unwavering laziness, her love of food and a heartfelt desire for nothing more than comfort.

There’s the bruisers like Ranulph or Jimmy, whose scuffs and scars say nothing of their wonderful sweetness and affectionate natures. Both would sooner settle in your arms than be anywhere else. Don’t look past them just because they look a bit rougher-round-the-edges. They are beautiful in the same way a great crag is, or an old oak tree. They have, evidently, been through much so would love the chance to finally find themselves a proper home.

It would be remiss of us not to mention a quiet lad like Billy, nearing ten years old, who might not be the most flamboyant or showy of cats. You might need to take a second glance to find him when walking past his pen, tucked in his bed. But if you’re looking for an affectionate cat who will ask for little more than love and warmth. Then Billy is the one.

And this is without mentioning Bacardi or Blackjack or Beth, who came to us from the coastal climes of Grimsby. All of whom are as sweet as buttons. There’s the irrepressibly lovely Jake – as handsome as he is sweet – a cat who is such a pleasure to work with that his continued presence in our care draws nothing short of complete bafflement. How can you not love him and want to take him home? All these cats are a mere scratch of the surface, we have many more looking for their forever homes.

If you think there is space for a feline in your home and your heart, come on down to our animal centre and find yourself an unforgettable friend.

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