Ronnie, a Tribute…

This post is a sombre one. Ronnie, a cat who was adopted from us some four years ago, has sadly passed away at the grand old age of nineteen. We wish to pay tribute, in some small way, to Ronnie. To this marvellous, this delightful, this glorious old boy. To his shining eyes and his boundless spirit. A boy for […]


An Appeal for Seven Special Kittens…

You walk into their room and are met by wide, fearful eyes. Staring from beneath blankets, from behind covers, out of hidey holes and through gaps. Like ghosts or faeries. But no, these are kittens – only a few months old – who have come into our care from particularly difficult situations. Situations where their exposure to humans has been […]


As seen in the Derbyshire Times…

You might’ve read in the Derbyshire Times this past week about a 9 week old Staffy-X puppy called Oscar, whose gorgeous face and shining eyes belie a difficult past. He was found by refuse collectors tied amongst some bins. He was rubbish. Worthless. This baby boy, who has brightened the lives of everyone he has met whilst in our care, […]


Cats, Cats, Glorious Cats…

We are inundated at the minute with a cavalcade of cats, a multiplicity of moggies. But no matter how many there are, our cats are dazzling in their diversity. Like snowflakes, none two are the same. From the young to the old, the big to the small, long-coated to short-furred, sit-on-your-knee types to the playful types to the more independent […]


Our work

What a year it has been for the RSPCA! We are very proud to be a local rehoming centre that supports the work of the RSPCA Inspectorate and we are so very lucky to have such dedicated staff, volunteers, adopters, fundraisers, donors and supporters who help make it all happen. Thank you for all you do for animals in need!



Remember, Remember…and all that

We are inching ever closer to every animal’s least favourite time of the year, November and its associated firework-related festivities, and therefore we have put a little something together to try and offer all you conscientious pet owners a little advice on how to make these upcoming days as stress-free as possible.

Perhaps the best way to highlight the impact that […]