Special appeals

/Special appeals

Ajax D2018185

German Shepherd | Male | 10 years & 2 months old | Available

Brave Ajax, Mighty Ajax, Loving Ajax…

Ajax is a Shepherd. A proper Shepherd. A true Shepherd. Daft as a brush, yet so clever with it. His ten years have brought him much wisdom but it’s his silliness and playfulness that are most immediately […]


Roxy D2018142

Staffordshire Bull Terrier | Female | 10 years & 4 months old | Available

Roxy, A Special Appeal…

Staffies don’t change. Not really. They don’t mature or transform in any great way, they don’t grow up. They are, wonderfully and gloriously, puppies for life. Their bones might creak that little bit more and their snouts may shine […]


Lola D2018095

Staffordshire Bull Terrier | Female | 2 years & 2 months old | Available

Lovely Lola, Lively Lola, Lonely Lola…

You’ll know Lola if you visit our centre. She’s the one you’ll see bouncing and frolicking, the one with all the excitable chirrups. She’s the one full of beans and that zest for life. Lola’s the one whose […]


Barry D2018065

Chihuahua | Male | 4 years & 3 month old | Available

Our Most Brilliant Barry…

In some ways Barry isn’t the most obvious sort of heartthrob. With his ever-so-slightly bucked teeth, his over-large eyes and those dainty, little legs. But he sure knows how to catch the eye. His beautiful golden hair, his tufted ears, his stub-nose. […]