Me and my husband Andy adopted Beauty from the RSPCA Chesterfield & North Derbyshire Branch in September 2017. I constantly tell everyone that bringing her into my life has been one of the best things I have ever done. Beauty is a very, very happy, very active dog that has fitted into our house and life as if she has always been with us.  It’s sad that she was allowed to stray, as it’s obvious and shown in her training level and temperament that she was once someone’s much loved companion.

She greets everyone, adults and children alike with a wide smile and a wagging tail.  She loves her walks around our local parks, and is very good off the lead. She enjoys playing ball and we’re training her to drop the ball once she’s caught it.  She didn’t know how to play fetch, but she’s learning fast. She sits down and waits very patiently for her food, she’ll sit before I even tell her to!.

All the people who came to see your dogs and walked past Beauty have missed out on a really amazing dog. I love Beauty with all the love I have to give. She’s now a fully fledged family member and is looking forward to opening her Christmas presents on Christmas morning too!

Her temperament is second to none, she will only bark to let us know someone’s at the door, then settles back down again. She scratches at the door when she wants the toilet, and is VERY clean.  All the walks we do with her are very beneficial to my health too, it’s a partnership, we help each other. She really does not like human sneezes, as stated in her adoption paperwork, she jumps up off her chair and bolts out of the room if one of us sneezes, so let’s hope we don’t catch a cold this winter!

Thank you for helping Beauty, and giving us the chance to offer this wonderful dog a new start and a good chance at the life she so desperately needs and deserves. Thank you to all of the staff at the animal centre who give their time and a part of their lives to help animals like Beauty who fall foul of human ignorance, cruelty and carelessness. Anyone who dedicates a good portion of their lives to helping animals is a friend of mine!.

Thank you

Cheryl and Andy.