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  • Barry

Chihuahua | Male | 4 years & 3 month old | Available

Our Most Brilliant Barry…

In some ways Barry isn’t the most obvious sort of heartthrob. With his ever-so-slightly bucked teeth, his over-large eyes and those dainty, little legs. But he sure knows how to catch the eye. His beautiful golden hair, his tufted ears, his stub-nose. George Clooney eat your heart out. Barry is a bit of a showstopper. But behind those angelic looks is a boy who is sweeter still.

Originally entering into our care at the beginning of April, three year old Chihuahua Barry has stuck around longer than perhaps we expected but this is, in large part, due to the rather specific nature of the home we are looking for. You see, Barry is prone to anxiety and to becoming a bit upset in new situations and around new people and, therefore, we are looking for a quiet home for him. A home whereby he can settle in at his own pace, an adult-only home, and a home where he is the only animal. We appreciate that this is somewhat restrictive but we believe it will give Barry the best chance at happiness.

And to see Barry happy is an utter delight.

For all his shyness, when he knows you he is just the funniest, giddiest, silliest, cuddliest little fellow you could ever hope to chance upon. When you go into his room and he dances around you in excitement, bouncing on his tippiest toes, backwards and forwards. You sit with him and he’ll run up and curl himself next to you, after a while he’ll inch over gradually until his belly is facing the sky so he can enjoy a nice tummy rub. Barry is such a personable boy, a real loving dog, but it can take a little while until he reaches a level of comfort with someone before he’ll show his true colours. He just needs an owner who will be patient with him.

Barry is happy to be left – though he has shown himself capable of making his own entertainment on occasion! – and is very good with his house-training. He walks nicely on lead though can put the brakes on if he’s a bit unsure. He learnt ‘Sit’ in double-quick time and is very responsive to both treats and fuss. He’s a really good boy but one who’ll need that little bit of extra time and that little bit of extra love, perhaps.

If you are at all interested in Barry, please give our centre a call on 01246 273358 and we can have a chat with you regarding his background and how best to meet his needs.

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