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A unique animal welfare charity

What we do

Prevent cruelty and promote kindness to animals

The RSPCA Chesterfield & North Derbyshire Branch is a local animal welfare charity, separately registered to the national RSPCA. We rehabilitate and rehome around 800 neglected, abandoned and unwanted animals each year. Giving our region’s most vulnerable animals the attention, care and protection they need and finding them loving, permanent homes has been our passion for the last 80 years.

Our overall objective is to prevent cruelty and promote kindness to animals and we principally achieve this through the operation of our animal rehoming centre in North Derbyshire. We are a very busy centre servicing an area of over 400 square miles throughout Chesterfield, North Derbyshire and areas of the Peak District National Park. Our animal centre is licenced by the national RSPCA to accommodate 45 dogs, 24 cats, 24 rabbits and variety of small animals and birds.

Rehabilitate, reunite and rehome animals in need

We support the work of the national RSPCA by taking in animals rescued by the RSPCA inspectorate from cruelty, neglect and abandonment, as well as sick, injured or vulnerable stray animals. We also support our local community by taking in pets whose owners are either unable to care for them or get them the vet treatment they need, for example, due to physical or mental health issues, financial difficulties, relationship breakdown or homelessness.Bella

We rehabilitate, reunite and rehome around 800 animals each year, offering them access to veterinary treatment, safe accommodation and care from our dedicated team of trained staff and volunteers. It is our policy that no healthy, rehomable animal be put to sleep. We work with a qualified clinical animal behaviourist to ensure that the welfare needs of the animals are met whilst in our care and to help address any behavioural problems that could make it harder for the animal to be rehomed.

Responsible pet ownership

Every adopter is educated by our team about the responsibilities that come with owning a pet. All dogs, cats and rabbits we rehome are vet checked, vaccinated, treated for parasites, microchipped and neutered in our care (or adopted with a voucher for neutering). We encourage adopters to have pet insurance and to consider any situations, financial or otherwise, that may affect their ability to provide for their pets.

We help members of the public on low incomes to get their pets microchipped and we also provide financial assistance for pet owners on means tested benefits towards the cost of emergency veterinary treatment. We provide educational talks on animal welfare to local schools and community groups and offer tours of the Animal Centre to highlight our work. We also offer volunteer opportunities to our local community, helping to show people first-hand the importance of compassionate and caring relationships with animals.

Raising funds locally

Although affiliated to the national RSPCA, we are not directly funded by them and we are responsible for raising all the funds needed to carry out our vital animal welfare work. We do, however, receive a limited amount of grant income from the national RSPCA towards our running costs (approximately £27,000 in 2018).

The support of the community is vital to the survival of the animal centre and the continuance of its work. We rely heavily on public donations and the generosity of individuals, companies and groups to enable us to provide the care and support needed for the animals. Our volunteers play a vital role and support us in many ways, from helping with the animals to volunteering at fundraising events. Without the help of our volunteers and generous public donations, the animal centre would not be able to keep it’s doors open.

Our annual running costs are around of £438,000 and the vast majority of our income comes from public donations, gifts in wills, grants, fundraising events, adoption income and trading ventures like our Chesterfield charity shop and on-site pet accessories shop.

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